Home Scandal and Gossip Mirlande Wilson appears with her lawyer but with no winning ticket.

Mirlande Wilson appears with her lawyer but with no winning ticket.

Marlinde Wilson
Mirlande Wilson

McDonald’s worker, Mirlande Wilson now accused of scheming lottery jackpot payout.

Mirlande Martine is now the ‘unlucky’ lotto winner as real winners step up.

Mirlande Wilson, a reality drama starring in your nearest tabloid journal right now.

One day when you least expect it Mirlande Wilson along with her $105 million dollars will have her own reality show; ” Living the lucky lotto,’

In what surely has to be one of the most perverse episodes of lotto winners or not in recent times had media sensation and one wonders fame whore aspirant Mirlande Wilson turn up this evening with her lawyer Edward Smith to what was meant to be a press conference which upon deeper reflection according to Wilson’s lawyer wasn’t really a press conference but rather an opportunity to explain to the media that they need not get hysterical and bent out of shape as to why Mirlande Wilson had yet to claim ‘her’ prize cache. It was also an opportunity for Mr Smith to let journalists know that in his heart of hearts he believed Mirlande Wilson to be the legitimate winner that despite Mirlande Wilson not having presented the winning ticket.

At present the winning ticket according to Ms Wilson is hidden in a very secret location somewhere in the store that according to her no one would ever dream of looking. Which strikes this author as one of the most banal assurances one could possibly imagine. But then again it’s only a $105 million, and who could dare whimper if the ticket suddenly blew out the kitchen door…

Marlinde Wilson and her lawyer Edward Smith

Also on the agenda was the fact that now Maryland State Lottery was now itching to have its own press conference whilst Ms Wilson’s lawyer, Mr Smith continued to lecture the media:

fox: Meanwhile, Maryland State Lottery Director Stephen Martino announced a 2 p.m. press conference on Thursday at which officials said he would discuss the “status of the winning ticket,” among other things. Although scant information was given, that event will likely be more illuminating than the news conference Smith gave on Wednesday.

Smith lectured the media gathered in his cramped office and told them not to pester his client, who bought tickets for a pool of workers at a Baltimore-area McDonald’s but claimed the winning ticket she holds was bought separately.

“God knows, by next week or next month, this will all be over and we will still be friends,” Smith said.

One can only speculate at this point what Mirlande Wilson and her lawyer have up their sleeve, but a reality show would not surprise this author for a moment.

Anonymous winner to claim Maryland share of Lotto jackpot tomorrow. Will it be Mirlande Wilson?

Mirlande Wilson achieves the impossible- “I lost the ticket!”

Mirlande Wilson’s shocking secret: ‘The ticket is hidden at McDonalds…’

Mirlande Wilson is now a diva. Promises to hold press conference with lawyer Wednesday.

Mirlande Wilson: Now gone in hiding. Co Workers furious.

Mirlande Wilson fails to collect her winning prize. Is there something fishy going on?

McDonald’s worker wins $105 million lotto jackpot but now refuses to share prize with co workers.




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