Home Scandal and Gossip Congratulations Levi Johnston for getting another girl pregnant. Out of wedlock….

Congratulations Levi Johnston for getting another girl pregnant. Out of wedlock….

Levi Johnston and his new bixch Sonny Oglesby

Levi Johnston would like to share a scary secret with you….

Oh dear, it seems some habits never fully leave our system even if we repeatedly tell ourselves : “next time I knock up a girl I should avoid knocking one up that is a/ not first married to me or at least already living with me and b/ allow her if I can help it to at least be above the legal drinking age that way we can go to a local bar after receiving the good news of our impending parenthood with relish.

All of the above of course describes preferred hawt bixch of Wasilla, Alaska- Levi ‘I still sometimes think about my ex mother in law sort of Sarah Pain’ Johnston.

Sources tell TMZ … the lucky woman is Sunny Oglesby, a 20-year-old school teacher from Wasilla, Alaska. Levi has been dating her for just over a year. We’re told she’s in the very early stages of pregnancy — less than 3 months.

And on other inconvenient aspects to Levi’s life TMZ comments:

Levi is telling friends Sarah Palin and Todd have completely alienated him from his son Tripp, and he barely sees him as a result. Levi says Sarah and Todd have lied to him, telling him Bristol and Tripp were out of town when they were not.

Which probably explains why 21 year old Levi had to hurry up and make a new baby in order to avoid feeling neglected.

Isn’t it time you found your local heart throb ladies and let caution fly in the wind too?

Are you ready for the Levi Johnston reality show?

Don’t say it’s so- Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are history.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are back together again.

Levi Johnston skips full frontal.

Levi Johnston is finally getting the gist of being famous by selling out too.




  1. He’s not the first man to get a woman pregnant out of wedlock and he won’t be the last. This isn’t news this is the world.

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