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Levi Johnston is finally getting the gist of being famous by selling out too.


LEVIThe things you are willing to do to lock in the money, honey.

First came Sarah Palin and now it’s Levi Johnston’s turn to rake in the freak dollars. Accidental? Calculating? No- just another day of a bunch of nobodies who are cashing in on their very accidental lives.

Associated Press have just released a story of how 19 year old Levi Johnston, the renegade father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild, is now taking his turn to scoop as much as he can out of America by agreeing to pose nude for Playgirl. As to the actual money that will change hands it’s been rumored that $25 000 is the yum factor (but we are sure if Levi makes a habit of this and somehow manages to have a humiliating affair with a Hollywood celebrity or just end up becoming his own  humiliating celebrity his asking range will certainly sky rocket).

In any event we are glad John McCain, the former presidential candidate, introduced us to the crazy collective called the ‘Palin Redneck’ factor who are having the time of their very accidental lives (Sarah Palin has just locked in 7 million dollars on her nobody life recently) and sooner or later we can expect Sarah Palin getting her own invitations to go naked.

America is a great place if you are illiterate and an accident waiting to happen…

Father of Palin’s grandson to pose for Playgirl

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