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Because you care: Kim Kardashian takes another picture of herself.

Kim Kardashian Instagram lingerie


Kim Kardashian Instagram lingerie

Kim Kardashian now reaches a million followers on instagram and the earth continues to spin…

Kids, this is a public service announcement to remind you that KK is still quite active this week. Last week it was her indulging in some romance (well that’s what we are all led to believe) and some prescient back and forth bickering with her soon to be ex Kris Humphries who still can’t get over he was duped. And of course who could forget our collective highness being flour bombed, which led to a one day spike in the sale of flour the world over.

With things somewhat slow to report on our collective media whore KK came up with a plan to pose like Brigitte Bardot and rock her thing in front of her camera. Of course there’s one very clever deception to all of this. The camera angle is such that we are denied the visage of KK’s heart beating for mankind, denied the visage of the angels cooing in the background, denied the essence of mama KK counting the dollar bills, denied the essence of meteorites spinning dizzily through the cosmos and of course denied the essence of her wonderful rump that is conspicuously missing…

Isn’t it time you became a consummate media whore too?

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  1. Are you kidding me? NEVER will she come close to EVER looking like Brigitte Bardot! Brigitte was a once only lady and she will not be duplicated in any way. SPECIALLY not by a Kardashian! Hey Kim, wanna send me that wig?

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