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Kim Khardashian refuses to give in and admit wedding to Kris Humphries was staged pay day.

Can you work out the phony?
Can you work out the phony?

That bixch is just a phony who used me!

The above are words that ostensibly Kris Humphries is using in his continuing effort to get Kim Kardashian to acknowledge what really went on when the two got married last summer before suddenly turning around a mere 72 days later after their wedding was lavishly splashed the world over and calling it quits.

According to the NY Post, Kris Humphries refuses to give Kim Kardashian (from here on known as KK) unless the bixch gives him a public apology and admits that ‘the entire wedding was staged by her and her entire family.’ Which of course anyone in a straight jacket can tell you is never gonna happen.

Reports the NY Post: Sources tell us Nets star Humphries is holding back on a divorce settlement with the reality raven and even turned down a $7 million offer from her to “shut up and go away.”

A friend of Humphries told us, “Kim’s camp is depicting him as money-hungry, but in fact he turned down a $7 million settlement. Her camp is putting out stories about ‘Kim’s divorce hell’ hoping he’ll cave in, but he won’t.

“Kris wants Kim to admit to fraud, to admit the whole thing was staged for publicity, to make a public apology to him because he really wanted a marriage,” our insider said.

Kris H money hungry? Wasn’t the bixch simply besotten by the Queen Sheba? Surely he had no idea what he was getting involved in and deep down despite any reservations he had for the man eater he knew she was a kind hearted soul who loved him back until payday kingdom come.

The Post then continues to reiterate that team Kris is mortified with all the nasty press the bixch has been receiving and finds it ludicrous that team KK has attempted to portray KK as the victim and that team Kris is not going to stand it a minute longer.

To date our collective charade (let’s admit it, Kris wasn’t the only one who had the wool pulled over his eyes) has been stalled on the grounds that team Kris is contesting that KK pulled a shifty one and is seeking an annulment based on fraud. Essentially trying to paint KK as a cheat and calculating enabler. Something that probably never occurred to most people unless of course it has….

But team Kris is going one step further. Team Kris is also now demanding that KK and the wicked witch of Beverly Hills, Kris Jenner issue a statement disclosing how much the pair made between them off the charade. To date team Kris has complied with turning over bank and credit card statements whilst KK interestingly has yet to turn any documents over to authorities.

Yet KK is hardly taking this sitting down. According to a source close to KK, KK is insisting she never offered team Kris money to go away and is not attacking him in the press cause she made her money bixches and just wants team Kris to get a life.

One day deep in the future long after team Kris wipes the blood and stains off his tawdry dinner jacket lapel he will sit there gazing into the stars silently wondering to himself about the love he honestly thought he had with KK, tears billowing and blowing down his puffy cheeks when he will suddenly receive a phone call from his agent nonchalantly asking if he’s interested in starring a made for TV spoof called ‘Nothing but Glory and Self Delusion’ to which team Kris will quietly quip to himself; “Sure, I could use a spare $5 million this afternoon….”

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