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The Kim Kardashian parasitic business of money grabbing and how we fell for it.


There’s a saying that goes something like this: ‘if you continue to give attention to a whining child it will only whine louder and longer next time. If on the other hand if you ignore it or at least give such behavior little air time the child will eventually come to understand that such behavior doesn’t generate results.’

This in a nutshell can define the drama called the Kim Kardashian attention for money extortion game that  we’ve played as the the public with our designated ivory child- Ms Kim Kardashian and her complicit brood of airbrushed sisters and mother.

As of current press, Ms Kardashian has been playing ping-pong back with the press with a variety of responses and assertions to counter what even she understands to be too much negative press. After all any press is good press but at a certain level if the public perceives the public offender as extracting too much liberties or denigrating widely held beliefs (as in this instance that marriage is sacred and that love conquers all) the offender is then forced to change game plan to save face- which is exactly what Ms Kardashian and her airbrushed family have done.

Of late we’ve been hearing stories that Ms Kardashian didn’t make a nickel on the wedding and if she did she would see by tomorrow morning that all the loose change was donated to charity. Or the contention that she was indeed in love but had rushed into the marriage. Or the other theory getting airplay being that she was absent-mindedly more in love with the idea of getting married than being married in the first place- which sounds like the type of excuse one gives when one is caught going through the red lights at 300 mph- that they were in love with the idea of driving but had little concept that other people share the road with them.

Yet who shares the road in this instance is the public, or to be succinct, Ms Kardashian’s fans who stand being offended and re evaluating their dedication to the chosen deity of upwardly mobile existence that so many of aspire to and yet so few of us get to live on an extreme level that Ms Kardashian unabashedly flaunts in front of us. It’s as if she dared taking her indiscretions to the next level given what she has to date been able to do off the back of an unsuspecting and gullible public who always felt no matter how banal and bitchy Ms Kardashian could be on TV at least at the end of the day her heart and integrity was in the right place. But now after the latest series of indiscretions and blatant disregard of what any normal couple would seek to do if they ran into marital problems (ie go to therapy, especially after one spends $10 million on their wedding- but then again the money spent was the media networks never Ms Kardashian’s own money and hence one can wonder the ease of her ability to walk away now that the $17 million payola settled in her checking account) the public is forced to re evaluate their love affair with all things that portend to be reality stars and TV fixtures.

In essence what the public finds offensive is that it’s been exposed  to the nitty gritty exemplar of calculated existences at the cost of certain morals, values that it cherishes. Values that it felt until now that their hero also cherished. But for now instead of apologizing to her soon to be ex husband Ms Kardashian is being forced to apologize to her real love affair- her audience.

Time will tell if we will ever return to the child that exploited the trust and adulation (money bricks) we gave it, or whether we will in fact come clean with ourselves that we don’t need a substitute like Ms Kardashian to live out our wicked fantasies and indiscretions but our very selves.On some level we are more complicit in the marriage breakdown than Ms Kardashian, but then again it’s always easier to look at someone else’s mess than our own.

Source claims that Kim Kardashian’s marriage was arranged and that she hated making out with Kris Humphries.»

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  1. Lakefrontmary, Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the decathalon.  I believe you are thinking of Mark Spitz the Olympic gold medal swimmer.

  2. Shame on the public that has put the Kardashian clan on their pedestals.  What exactly have they done, other than their mother married the ex swimming phenom Bruce Jenner.  As a friend of mine said, “Why do we applaud stupidity ? ”  and I add to it “: Why do we applaud stupidity with money ?”  I would rather be stupid with my own money if you know what I mean.  I say let this family go out and get real jobs.  I do not watch their shows, but it seems like I know enough about them just from the news and their unneeded arrivals on various talk shows. 
    They are all just high maintenance white trash.  Oops, I let my thoughts slip out again.

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