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Source claims that Kim Kardashian’s marriage was arranged and that she hated making out with Kris Humphries.


The latest bombshell to drop out of the Kardashian camp involves assertions that Kim Kardashian detested sleeping with her husband let alone even making out with him and that she was never attracted to him in the first place.

The assertions come off the back of Kim Kardashian’s decision to seek divorce from her husband who purportedly only knew of his wife’s intentions after he read about it in TMZ which in some perverse way makes complete sense if one understands that from the beginning the couple’s relationship has been a play by-play media event.

Claims the source, Kim Kardashian had gone on with the marriage despite reservations because she had hoped that over time she would develop feelings for Kris Humphries, a claim that perhaps in a third world arranged marriage may hold muster but within the context of Ms Kardashian’s revolving door love life is an insult to the intelligence to the ordinary citizen who can’t help but watch the public train wreck called the Kim Kardashian I will force my ass pimples to pop 100 dollar bills.

Looking harried and conspicuously distressed at Los Angeles’ LAX airport as she waited to board a flight to Australia it is said the final straw for Ms Kardashian came when her husband began seeking a publicist and started talking about cashing in with his own line of products which somehow struck Ms Kardashian as particularly in bad taste. The irony of which could force a near dead koala to jump off its eucalyptus tree and start looking for a magic pipe of the good shit to keep him hanging for at least one more long weekend of the Kim Kardashian make-believe show.

Underpinning the preposterous nature of Ms Kardashian’s claims were the tweets she later sent out in the afternoon which failed to make mention of her divorce but were instead dedicated to plugging her new boutique opening at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas: Kardashian Sham Khaos.

Let’s hope that at least Mr Humphries got a slight windfall to his name as his soon to be ex wife continues her world wide quest to court love, adulation and a pay packet at any means possible. Such are the affairs of insufferable fools who believe their own lies. Or do they?




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  1. Kris Jenner ought to be ashamed of herself, for the part she played in using this guy all for the sake of making more money for her and her low life daughters. I don’t follow these Tarts or their show, but this morning I just happen to be chanel surfing and lo and behold, their show was on and, I caught a little bit of it. it was the part leading up to the wedding and, the way these people treated Kris H, well let’s just say, other people’s feelings don’t matter to them at all. I mean the way they talked about him behind his back was unreal. I FEEL SO SORRY FOR THIS GUY. HE DESERVED BETTER THAN THIS FAMILY.

  2. A set up by Jenner and Seacrest – the quickie marriage; Kim Humphries bought and paid for. The wedding made them all a lot of money at other people’s expense and just in time for a stupendous season finale?. But Kims fake, underhanded tweets to get Rob more votes on DWTS; the tacky comments about Michelle Obama (whether you like her ot not she is the First Lady) and this divorce (coincides beautifully with KKTake NY) are causing a backlash. The Kardashians have underestimated their “fans.” who are angry and feeling they’ve been  had. Boycott, backlash and boos  are already happening. It’s just a matter of time which can’t come quickly enough for most of us.

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