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Whitney Houston: the human behind the celebrity


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Her death has also made me reflect on her interview that she did with Oprah a few years ago. It makes me think about how fame affects people. I am not famous. If I was famous, I don’t know how I would deal with all the pressures from it. It appears to me that once you’re in the spotlight, everyone wants a piece of you. This is my feminist self coming through, but as a woman, how do you deal with that? Women are still looked upon as the nurturer. We are the ones who provide the food, the support, and the love. However, how do you give all of that when you want to identify yourself through your talent?

How do you do reconcile with being a wife and a mother? I am not going to call Bobby Brown evil because he’s still someone’s son and someone’s father, but can you imagine how painful it must have been to sacrifice your light so you can care for your family? So you wouldn’t lose your husband and daughter? From what I am reading, Whitney was not comfortable with the spotlight or attention. To me, it was easier for her to sink into the background and try to ease her husband’s insecurities. She tried to make the decisions to make all happy…but in some ways, I see Bobby not knowing how to be a good husband. I do see him becoming jealous because his wife’s career was still prevalent although his was faltering, and I am sure that is a difficult pill to swallow.

I am sure most could agree that it’s difficult to be equal in a relationship when you can easily fall into the traditional roles – the roles that can sometimes oppress you, and you don’t even know that they are. I am not saying that it’s bad to be a mother or a wife. What I am saying is that any role that anyone falls into…it becomes them, and it is not always for the best for people to expect you to be that role all the time. When you fall short, you get crucified for it.

If Whitney had continued to live, would she have “redeemed” herself completely and made a comeback? We’ll never know. But what we do know is what she has left behind. She had an incredible voice, and she tried to fight off her demons – she was human. And we all try to do that. I truly believe that she tried to fight with every being in her body to return to what made her feel happy – singing at her very best.

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