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Adam Hock vs Prince Pierre Casiraghi- who really threw the first punch?

Image via gawker.
Image via gawker.

Adam Hock, nightclub brawler to sue for bruised shoulder.

Super model Jessica Hart said to want carry on brawl with Adam Hock posse on the street.

Supermodel Jessica Hart goes on twitter declaring Adam Hock is a freaky liar.

Depending on whom you listen to each party was only acting in self defense because they would never go out of their way to throw the first punch. Then again this isn’t your usual rough and tumble, this is your ascot wearing $500 highfalutin vodka swigging fast crowd who by the very nature of been perceived as society have managed to get their boys brawl spat in just about every media outlet.

That said, since we’ve all decided most spats don’t require our attention unless there are shipping heirs and supermodels and dynasty heirs on the action set we’re bound to try and work out since there’s blood still drying on the floor who started the whole mess in the first place.

According to Nadine Johnson Pr – who are representing all field calls with respect to the Prince (yes I know, he’s technically not a prince, but Prince Pierre does have a nice ring to it anyway) the following statement was made to us (misspellings and all):

The boys are not talking so teh NYPOST is so inaccurate and out of line

Our official statement is below

“The facts are very clear” said a spokesperson. “There was only one person arrested Friday night at the Double Seven, Mr. Hock, who spent two days in jail as a result from his actions”. We have no further comments.

Hmm, the NY Post don’t have their facts straight? Kids, does that surprise anyone? Not me. In fact it certainly doesn’t surprise gothamisteither who had this to say about NY Post stalwart Andrea Peyser:

We don’t cotton to that here in classless America! Just ask Post columnist Andrea Peyser, who was not at Double Seven Saturday morning, but that can’t stop her from judging:

From there Andrea goes on too swoon about dream boat heroes wearing ascot ties with beautifully chiseled features (yes Andrea I’m besides myself too) –

nypostDon’t hate him because he’s beautiful. Hate Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi because he’s insanely wealthy, spoiled like yesterday’s pot roast, wears something called an ascot around his neck, and considers “work” a four-letter obscenity. He also fights like a sissy…

Sissy or not, the attendees at the amphitheater want someone’s head and at current count has the slug fest equally divided between many commentators feeling that Prince Pierre brought the mess to himself with others opining that Adam Hock was way out of line and was in fact the first to start throwing punches.

Before I continue, let me add I was no where near ‘Double Seven,’ that evening, nor would you generally ever catch me at any venue that has the audacity to pretend one is interesting and compelling by sheer virtue that you can harangue a bunch of models to sit at your table and cough up $500 for the presumed honor of having your libido and manhood publicly validated.

Adam Hock and the supermodels whose honor he was preserving.
According to Mr Hock, who currently fears that the Niarchos and Casiraghi families may be plotting to destroy him as he puts it, he was simply having a drink when the Prince and Stavros and their elk started behaving in a way that was intolerable to him. Depending on what outlet you read, Mr Hock was incensed that the honor of his supermodel company was being offended which forced him into the corner and to naturally retaliate. Never mind no one from the Prince’s clan physically put a hand on the models or him.

But then Mr Hock, if one reads the NY Daily news offers the following contradictory take of what went down:

“They threw the first punch. They were touching the girls, grabbing them the way Europeans feel they can touch whatever woman they want in New York. They think New York is their honeycomb. They think they can come here and do whatever they want.”

If indeed the Prince physically intruded on the models or Mr Hock himself perhaps one can imagine Mr Hock by all rights being able to defend his safety, never mind defending his honor (that’s what courts and security are there for- to eject those individuals who temper with your honor).

But according to the NYPost it was Mr Hock who started the violence:

Witnesses had a different take on the brawl and described Hock as the aggressor.

“This guy just went nuts,” said party promoter Nima Yamini, who was at the adjacent table talking to his pal “Stav” about the Niarchos family charity when he saw Hock punch Casiraghi in the face.

“The prince went down so quick. He was out for the count,” Yamini said. His “face looked broken.”

Yamini said Niarchos — who was with his girlfriend, model Jessica Hart — went to help his friend “and got punched in the face. He did nothing wrong at all.”

Then perhaps a bit of back peddling the following is offered:

Another witness, who asked not to be identified, said the entire fracas was the result of a “misunderstanding over who could sit at the owner Jeffrey Jah’s table and whose bottle of vodka it was.

Ultimately it’s up to both camps to figure out what repercussions will follow, especially as the recipient of a broken jaw what actions the Prince may take or not. Of course one can’t help but wonder that on any other day, with less stature to the names involved a story like this would have been one that would have gone straight to the gutters and perhaps on some level the whole incident and the behavior of all those involved is quite fitting for the gutters.

Adam Hock: That bixch offended the honor of the supermodels sitting at the table!

Booze brawl: Supermodels, princes, shipping heirs and the fist fight from Hell.

Nur Khan’s door bixch breaks down; ‘You betrayed our trust!’



  1. forgot to add: eeeek ! If I were Adam Hock I’d punch myself out – no wonder the man is full of rage. look at the puss on that guy!

  2. ‘… he was simply having a drink when the Prince and Stavros and their elk started behaving in a way that was intolerable to him.” The elk instigated it! There’s no other explanation!

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