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Super model Jessica Hart said to want carry on brawl with Adam Hock posse on the street.

Model Jessica Hart visits Village at The Yard on January 18, 2009 in Park City, Utah.
Model Jessica Hart visits Village at The Yard on January 18, 2009 in Park City, Utah.

Monaco royal family now firing off legal letters to the press after the Prince Casiraghi brawl.

Adam Hock, nightclub brawler to sue for bruised shoulder.

In a reflection of how heated things got this past Friday night, Saturday early morning, with respect to the Prince Pierre Casiraghi and Adam Hock brawl page 6 has reported that so incensed was shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos‘s 25 year old girlfriend, the Aussie super model Jessica Hart with the scene that had just unfolded she apparently wanted a piece of Adam Hock’s gal posse there and then on the street.

nypost: “Your husband’s a loser! F–k you!” Hart, 25, screamed at Russian hottie Natasha Poly on the street outside the Double Seven early Saturday, angrily flipping the bird in the model’s face, a witness told The Post.

Adam Hock’s gal posse of course included the following supermodels:

Anja Rubik and Valentina Zelyaeva and of course the scorned Natasha Poly. This on top of the supermodel having gone on twitter yesterday and calling Adam Hock a ‘freaky liar,’ whilst the Prince and her man, Stavros have kept a low public profile.

She was very confrontational. She was aggressive. It looks like she was trying to provoke Natasha, Valentina and Anja,’ offers once again the same page 6 source.

Of course one has to remember this is page 6 reporting and for all we know this is just another episode of wishful reporting, looking for the banal and extraordinary to take place, but suffice it to say tensions were high and nerves were frayed:

The witness said it looked like Hart would get violent until party promoter Nima Yamini stepped in as the victims were loaded into ambulances.

Others described a crazy scene outside the celebrity-packed Meatpacking District club.

“Pierre’s girlfriend Beatrice [Borromeo] was there and she was hysterical and crying because he looked so bad,” a witness said.

Approached by page 6 for comment whilst attending classes at Columbia, page 6 reports that Barromeo ‘barked’ a solid no.

Oh dear, it does look like a few nerves were frayed over the weekend. So much for high end bottle service you may think….

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