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Woman arrested after she accidentally hands cop a bag of drugs after he asks her for her driver’s license.


If only Danielle Rae Shockey didn’t let her conscience get in the way.

Have you ever been driving along with half a bottle of moonshine in the front seat, a bag or two of the good shit tucked in the glove department and wondered to yourself “I’m going straight to the slammer should a police officer pull me over?” This in part might then explain how this weekend Danielle Ray Shockey managed to get herself in a spot of bother when the cops pulled her over.

Sitting in her car at a motel parking lot at 3 am in the morning our collective hero was approached by a police officer who suspecting some foul play (isn’t it terrible that all it takes is for a police officer is to suspect something before they go over and spoil your rush?) asked for some identification.

Of course feeling guilty as sin and in the mood to be arrested our hero did the unthinkable, she pulled out a bag of marijuana along with her driver’s license.

That of course led to all sort of inconvenient shit happening to our hero, who then had her car searched and a big happy stamp placed on her forehead (just kidding) when the officer came up with a handsome booty that included 57 oxycodone pills (how she probably needed at least one or two then and there…), seven methadone pills as well smaller amounts of valiun and clonazepam.

The moral of the lesson? If you have to get high, by all means do it, but just understand the moment you start finding yourself giving the law a chance to haul your ass in it might mean two things- you conscience might be telling you it’s time to give it away or more likely you’re just an idiot.


  • Danielle

    That is not at all what happened and I have never been a drug addict so choose your words wisely before you get sued.