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New Fashion Documentary ‘The Tents’ shows the ugly and catty side of NY fashion week.

Still from B "The Tents.'

Still from James Belzer's "The Tents.'

‘We live for fashion, we don’t want to die for it.’ or ‘ You can be the most fantastic media, but if you have nothing to say you’re no where…’

James Belzer‘s ‘The Tents’ which premiered last night at NY’s LGBT film festival may have caused some upset stomachs. The fashion documentary essentially opens the door a crack to let those individuals who normally wouldn’t be privy to its inner workings get a sense of the degree of bitxh fighting, back stabbing, revulsion and sheer drama that goes on during NY fashion week.

Lots of fashion luminaries get to be interviewed, from NY Fashion Week’s founder, Suzy Menkes, Betsey Johnson, Caroline Herrera, etc and you are exposed to lots of fast coiled high adrenalin snippets and while the next pony girl hits the base of the runway and spins and if you missed the money shot you were dead. Well something like that. All in all, a bit of hyperbole but perhaps not to far from the truth of how the rough and tumble take no prisoners fashion world of NY works.

Perhaps the opening line of the film set for general release in September sums it up:

“It was the shot heard from Sarajevo that started this next revolution of fashion.”

Hmm. See what you think, you’ll at least be beguiled or not… (trailer below)

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