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10 Ingenious Methods For Crashing Fashion Week Shows


Image Source: Meaningful Distractions
Image Source: Meaningful Distractions

Because you always belong on the guest list:

We’re already chaffing at the neck with invitations to the upcoming collections, but for all you other plebeians who are desirous of making it into the collections there are always these clever tricks.

1) Get daddy to make lots of important phone calls to people who would normally never spit at you.

2) Hack a publicist’s account and pretend whatever it is you need to pretend. After all everyone is going to be pretending; why shouldn’t you?

3) Get a job at McDonald’s. Apparently they’ll be back at the tents serving more great lattés. We’re sure you can’t wait to show off your new Ronny McDonald outfit, but, hey, at least you will be somewhere near the heat (even if it’s the heat of espresso machine).

4) Make out with Adrien Field tonight and he might fall in love with you and take you along– as long as, of course, you are willing to wear red sunglasses (ask Adrien, he will tell you why…).

5) Announce to Kelly Cuttrone that you are a blogger. She just might believe you and have you sitting next to Anna Wintour. Of course that’s wishful wishing, bitches.

6) Make eye contact with the security guard, and watch him curse your existence.

7) Become Lilo’s new best friend, lots of good things will happen to you. Trust us.

8) Become an overnight media-whore, and hope that Guest of a Guest makes you it’s darling project. It still won’t help you, even if Michelle Jonie Lapidos has tried and tried.

9) Have a fit and tell the bitches at the tents that they are all pretentious wanna-bes. You will feel better for 3 minutes before hating your life again.  Use this time to quickly hop into a cab.  There should be plenty, as everyone else will be getting out of them.

10) Write to me and if I like your letter I will personally take you with me (see submit above). Please be slightly interesting or I will spit at you.