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The Preppy Set Is Getting Ready To Crash Fashion Week

Image source: Gawker
Image source: Gawker
Image source: Gawker

Privelege is worth its weight in gold.

From Gawker comes the disturbing but atypical ploy of rich kids with rich parents and plenty of connections trying to break into the upcoming NY fashion shows. Call it the new sense of entitlement, call it uber autofellatio, or call it business as usual.

Reports Gawker (who themselves will have to resort to illegal means to get into Bryant Park…)

Every season, wannabes crash Fashion Week shows and parties. But few are as brazen as the daughter of a Vermont gubernatorial candidate and her BFF, who allegedly hacked into a fashion PR company’s database. (I kind of admire their moxie!)

Of course the writer admires their moxie, it’s how she got her gig at Gawker. Continues the report:

Remy Renzullo and Becca Shumlin—daughter of Vermont State Senate President Peter Shumlin (a Democrat), who’s now running for governor—are seniors at the Putney School, a hippie-ish boarding school in Vermont where students work on the school’s farm. The school motto is “intellectual engagement, creative play, progressive learning for a sustainable future” and for a mere $44,000 per year ($28,700 for commuters) students get an education that includes “livestock care, sugaring and fire wood processing.”

$44,000 a year? Isn’t that just a week’s pocket money for these scraggly kids? Shouldn’t they be given front row if they promise to spend half that money on all the designers who are bleeding money? Does the idea of 15-year-old brats with an exaggerated sense of entitlement sashaying their asses make for a more thrilling fashion collection? What about Gawker? Will they be sashaying their asses as they take aim at the helpless lot getting ready to take their place in tabloid headlines?

In any event, the brats, the preppy kids and even the media elite will be there with bated breath. What else would you expect from a bunch of self-entitled entities?

Source: Gawker



  1. Please get your facts right before you print something like this. Remy is not 15, nor is he a spoiled rich kid. I have known him since he was three years old. I do not know anyone who works as hard as he does at his profession. He has been designing and making clothes since he was a young boy. It is sad that you did not research him before this, he is an amazing young man with a golden future. No one is more serious about the fashion world than he is.Everything he said about himself is true. Sincerely , Kim

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