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The ten sure fire ways of making a public spectacle of yourself at Fashion week.


public-spectacleThe things we notice when you can’t help yourself.

There’s a saying that goes- ‘People will be idiots. That said we have a saying that goes –“Idiots will be idiots.” Here’s our list of idiotic behavior this ongoing fashion week.

10/ Begging and crying. Please if the bouncer or door bitch or whoever tells you or are not on the list get out of the way cause you’re holding us all up.

9/ Name dropping. Let us say this again. “Cut it Out!” We don’t care, we are better looking and more famous than you. We don’t care who you know nor never will unless of course one day we do…

8/ Please stop running after celebrities on the street. You are making a spectacle of yourself. They are no one special, just people like you and me with more money, better looks (us exempted) and more social cache. There is no need to chase them folks because to be frank they would never chase you down the street.

That also reminds us stop waiting outside the tents in the hopes of getting a glimpse of someone famous. We already told you- we don’t know you, we don’t like you and you are blocking our view.

7/ Stop trying to get photographed by the media. If you are not at least a high shaking editor in chief (like us), extremely dapper, charismatic and silly (like us) please don’t waste the photographer’s film. Lilo will be upset!

6/ Please don’t go out of your way to get into the press. There are enough media whores currently in circulation and keeping tabs of your vacuous lives eventually wears on us.

5/ Please don’t sit in the front seat. We know you are an impostor so you better not try next time. Infidel!

4/ Please don’t keep going back and forth and getting all those free cafes at McCafe at the tents. We’re watching your every move.

3/ Please stop calling me begging me to get you into a fashion show or a party. The answer is no. I don’t like you nor never will.

2/ Please stop calling our publicist Sonia and begging her to get you into the shows and parties. If I don’t like you, she simply hates your guts. Please don’t make enemies of the only people who you have ever taken the time to even mention your pointless and unimportant selves in our journal.

1/ Please don’t come looking for us front row. We eschew the front row. It’s gauche, over rated and having to put up with all the celebrity bimbos who turn up to these events give us heart ache. That said we are resigned to having to putting up with the front row from time to time….



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