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Trying to figure out the ideal celebrity list that should be sitting front row this year.


the-ideal-celebrityWhen ego and pride are the new vocabulary everyday at Fashion Week.


Yummy- trying to figure out the ideal top ten who should always get to sit front row (no questions asked of course ) at every fashion show can be mind numbing stuff. AND since we are just mindless bloggers who are fascinated with the vapid lifestyles of vapid people and by extension a vapid culture (but please that is only a rumor…) we decided in between watching cartoons and blow drying our hair to compile this top ten list of who should always get to sit front row,


10/ Adrien Field. The diva of fashion himself is our friend and we spotted him yesterday, sitting front row at MONARCHY wearing his wide red brimmed sunglasses. He looked so happy we were afraid to disturb him. Adrien must always sit front row.


9/ Jon Gosselin. The reality daddy now turned reality playboy has yet to be invited it seems to this spring’s collection, but the guy is sleazy, vapid and kind of cute right? Just the way we like them, Jon darling call us and we’ll get you onto front row somehow.


8/ Anna Wintour. She is the doyen and Queen of America. We are seriously considering buying her a specter that she can thump on the ground when she is ready for the models to hit the planks. Could you imagine?


7/One aging old lady needs another- that said we will find Barbara Walters from which ever retirement village she is hiding in and have her chat up Anna.


6/ Lizzie Grubman. Lizzie we spotted you yesterday front row and we liked you there, but please don’t ever think of backing out of that chair into the fashionistas sitting behind you. They unlike the ‘muck’ in the Hamptons will never forgive you. Ps, You looked very happy@!


5/Janice Dickinson. Catwalk models should always be encouraged by the presence of an ex model with artificial parts and extra perky redone breasts. Janice you stay!

‘4/ As an effigy of our all our childhood heroes we think Maureen McCormick who played sweet innocent Marcia to only grow up and become a coke whore would make a welcome addition to everyone at front row. But please – no coke in front of Marcia, she’s recovering, always recovering…


3/ Miley Cyrus – token underage and photogenic star that will always keep us entertained even if we still haven’t figured out how she made it here.


2/ Paula Abdul. Since Paula is no longer a judge on American Idle we want Paula to become a judge on ‘Amercan Catwalk.’


1/ Lindsay Lohan, should always even after attending fashion shows become déclassé (trust us one day it will happen ) always sit front row. Now that she is the token artistic director an public nuisance of Ungaro we would like to see her resume her role on the catwalks too.