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Hollywood Bimbo to become UNGARO’s new Artistic Director and Public Nuisance.


lindsay_lohan_jeremyWhen a High End Fashion House decides to turn itself into a parody.


There’s a saying in business that goes something like this- “If you can’t get people to come to the cart then you bring the cart to them.” That said UNGARO, the French maker of high end apparel has decided to go out and hire the most noticeable pretty mess the world has seen in recent years (Paris Hilton being until recently the holder of that mantle ) to jump and down in front of its cart in the hopes that it can re ignite its sales and presumably along the way turn its once lauded cache into a sleazy high ocatane run for public exposure, humiliations and apologies.

By deciding to bring in media whore and public nuisance Lindsay Lohan as ‘artistic director’ (indeed…) UNGARO is betting that it can by using a public fixture as a symbol of flamboyance and irresponsibility, it can shake its label from a once thriving and desired ingénue to its current status as an unpalatable dead fish.


Of course not everyone is particularly excited by this cynical idea to cash in on the public’s collective embrace of all things vociferous and vulgar – most of all Estaban Cortazar who until recently reigned as the houses creative director and designer (he resigned in July to preserve his dignity rather than be forced to pretend that she had actually helped inspire design while she was binging or making a public fool of herself, and worse walk down the runway holding her hand after the collection would be shown).

With the new designer Estrella Archs (who we are very curious to know how she feels about having a public nuisance pretending that she knows anything about fashion and culture) the bosses at UNGARO are setting forth on their suicide mission. That said perhaps the house has very little choice in the matter given the overwhelming cultural migration to anonymous and talentless nuisances who amuse us not for their artistic or cultural ambition but rather for their lack of it. In some perverse way it has now become de rigeur in American culture to embrace the unsophisticated, vulgar and crass perhaps as a reaction to the perceived contempt elitist culture or the simple dumbing down of a nation that has now come to believe high corn fruit syrup is the new mirage ingredient to help them slim down and make life beautiful.

Or it may simply be a very clever ploy to redefine its current image to that of a young chic thrill (shrill?) given the current audience happens to be closer to the age of 60 then 25, the eternally preferred age in a culture afraid to embrace mortality and maturity…

When a high end fashion house chooses to embrace vulgar and sleaze rest assured we are in for some tacky episodes…

Ungaro, Looking for a Jolt, Hires Lohan