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Lindsay Lohan makes us laugh some more.


liloWhen some lives are beyond comic drama…


Welcome back to psychology 101 with our favorite student in the whole wide celebrity word- ‘Lilo.’

The newest story on the block (we take it back, girlfriend desperately has to get a reality show on the road because every day is like a soap drama but better…) is that ‘Lilo’s 2 million jewelry loan from XlV Karats has gone missing. The store has been trying for the last 2 months to get the jewelry back but guess what- ‘Lilo’ is now telling the store that she can’t because her house got ‘burgled’ last week.

So along with the personal memorabilia which included photos and videos in the safe, ‘Lilo’ is claiming with a straight face that the jewels were also taken. Mmm, along with ‘Lilo’s’ childhood sweet heart letters to her coke dealer….

To be sure XIV Karats are not impressed and at this rate any sane person wouldn’t know what to believe coming out of cock eyed ‘Lilo’s ‘ mouth these days. As for XIV Karats, we think they are shit out of luck and too stupid to have realized what every major Hollywood producer and rational human being has already worked out- “Don’t get involved with Lilo- she’ll only break your heart and your bank account.’

In any event, girlfriend is on the hook and we hope for her sake that she has insurance. But you already know the answer to that…

The Cokey Jewel Snatcher Of Hollywood Strikes Again?

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