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Mother kept 5 year old daughter who weighed just 19 pounds locked in the closet because she looked just like her father.


Out of sight out of mind…

Oklahoma City. Jul 21: Asusena Marie Gonzales has been charged with child abuse pursuant to authorities coming across her neglected and emaciated 5 year old daughter who it was said she was keeping in the closet so as not to be reminded of the child’s father.

Weighing at 19 pounds, less than half the weight children her age normally weigh, it was also alleged that the child’s mother often deprived the child of food as well as often beating her.

So malnourished was the child, that it was said her bones in her joints were quite visible as were strap marks due to regular beatings.

The child was said to have been locked in a closet where upon her mother would offer her a cup which she would use to urinate and defecate in. It was reported that the closet where the child was forced to remain in at long stages reeked of urine and defecation.

Gonzales’ other children on the other hand have been reported to have been in fine health, although authorities have decided to place the children in State custody.

At the end of the day one can only imagine the degree of discord between the child’s mother and that of its father and how subsequently the mother turned their child into some metaphorical punching bag where she would play out her frustration and hostility towards the child’s father.

So much for being reminded of the child’s father…


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