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Women only want men who don’t want them…


mechanisms used in relationships. Instead of dating people you are actually compatible with, you decide to go swoon over the “struggling artist” who cares more about the whereabouts of his missing paintbrushes than taking you to a nice dinner for your birthday (which he managed to forget anyway).  We’ve all been there, but at what point does one cut ties and accept that he or she is seeking the wrong type of person to date?

Perhaps it’s not until one decides to settle down that the biological instinct of seeking a suitable partner kicks in.  By this stage I can bet that both parties are tired of playing games and no longer view uncertainty as an aphrodisiac.  After all, this study was conducted with a sample pool of undergraduate female students.  Plainly speaking, few of them are planning their wedding anytime soon.  They are probably just searching for the next party where they can take interest in a man who may or may not be interested in them, and thus the cycle continues.

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  1. Perhaps you should try reading Roissy, He covered this entire subject in massive detail years ago. http://roissy.wordpress.com/

    Women are hypergamous, they always seek out men with higher status. One of the best ways to demonstrate high status is to treat everyone around them (esp women) like they’re inferior.
    Essentially women like jerks. (They just refuse to admit it publicly or to themselves.)

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