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Taco Bell diner has a 3 and half hour gun standoff over a 50 cent increase in taco.


How far would you go to save a couple of bucks?

A unidentified Texas man caused a scene that turned violent when he fired shots at employees and  officers after the drive-thru attendant at his local San Antonio Taco Bell told the insensed customer that his favorite Crunchy Beef Burrito’s price had been jacked from 99 cents to $1.49.

After ordering seven, he became enraged that  his bill was $3.50 higher than usual. Although  the man had come in the weekend before and yelled at employees about the price increase, he exploded as if he had no idea.

After firing a BB gun at the restaurant manager Brian Tillerson, the man then sped away from the window and pulled out more damaging weaponry.

NY Daily News: Employees and customers then spotted the man pulling out an assault rifle and a handgun out of the roof of his Mitsubishi Eclipse, the paper said, but he took off as police arrived.

Not to be outdone, he continued on his rampage when cops stopped him two miles away. After shooting his assault rifle at  the police, he began a three and a half hour stand off and barricaded himself inside a motel, where sharpshooters waited outside for his exit.

A SWAT team finall subdued the man with tear gas and he was arrested on attempted capital murder charges.

When the burrito bandit is holed up in a Texan jail making ten cents a week scrubbing toilets and eating the only food worse than Taco Bell, we’re sure he will wish that he would have paid the extra $3.50 and enjoyed his snack in freedom.

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