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Missouri Karen calls Taco Bell worker n word in racist meltdown

Bolivar Missouri Taco Bell Karen
Bolivar Missouri Taco Bell Karen.
Bolivar Missouri Taco Bell Karen
Bolivar Missouri Taco Bell Karen.

Bolivar Missouri Taco Bell racist woman Karen calls workers n word in racist meltdown after believing she was short changed order. Threatens workers. 

Here we go again America. An unidentified white woman has been captured on video going on a racist tirade at a Missouri Taco Bell outlet after believing she’d been shorted her order. She hadn’t.

The incident is thought to have occurred over the weekend at a Bolivar, Missouri location and began going viral on social media after Fifty Shades of Whey posted the ‘disturbing’ episode on Monday.

Video opens on the seemingly unhinged woman wildly gesticulating at workers, with Karen (pejorative expression often describing self entitled middle aged white women) using the n word a number of times at ‘white’ workers, who remarkably manage to stay calm.

At some point, Karen — who appears to be under the influence (meth? alcohol?) condemns an employee for not getting a ‘real job’ as workers show the woman a $15 receipt with her order, proving that she hadn’t been short changed.

Despite workers showing the racist white woman her order is all squared up (3 burritos & 2 tacos), Karen begins once again ranting hate filled laden expletives, yelling, ‘mother f**ker’ repeatedly as children can be seen in the foreground.

 ‘you’re going down punk bixch!’

But there’s more bad behavior.

Karen is then seen throwing a tray of food from the order counter on to the floor, along with pushing items on the counter violently in the direction of workers- who continue to remain calm.

Karen turns to leave, but not before telling one of the workers that she is Charles Manson‘s daughter (do you suppose…?) along with ‘you’re going down punk bixch!’ The woman had appeared to also be referencing her husband in the parking lot who she planned to avail. It remained unclear if police intervened.

The video which had by Monday night had ratcheted 104K views elicited a wide swath of comments.

America unfolding at the seams

Posted Tamson Overholtzer, ‘We’ve been seeing a lot of videos like this lately. My question is this: Is this new & worse? Or is it the same & it’s just being reported now? Probably nothing will make me feel better about this, but I just can’t figure out how people feel entitled to act in this way. Ever.’

Posted Abigail, ‘I am pissed at her for saying, “get yourself a real job.” I do not know who needs to hear this, but prepping food for people is a REAL job. And, consumers expect these workers to be there, all hours of the day, to prepare that cheap food for them…..even during holidays.’

Added Jeffrey, ‘And then feel they have the right to treat them as second class citizens. It’s a mentality that needs to go. So if you’re in that category you need to check yourself. A good Taco Bell GM is making 70K+. That is a real job.’