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Italian town bans mini skirts that are too mini.


Is your mini skirt too skimpy?

Last time we were in Italy our eyelids were doing hoola hoop tricks keeping up with the visage of sweaty thighs pounding the pavement. That said one Italian town has decided enough is enough and that it’s high time your eyes balls were allowed back in your eye socket…amongst other presumed unsavory aspects of public life.

Usatoday: Just how mini can a miniskirt be? If the mayor of a small Italian town has his way, law enforcement officials, and not fashion gurus, will be the ones to decide.

The mayor of the southern seaside town of Castellammare di Stabia got his way Monday when the city council approved a ban on football games in public parks and squares, blasphemy out loud, and “very skimpy clothes,” the ANSA news agency reported.

No more skimpy boys and girls clothes? Isn’t that like taking the marina out of marina sauce?

Conservative Mayor Luigi Bobbio said that miniskirts and other provocative outfits will still be allowed as long as they are not too revealing.

“It’s a matter of common sense, of common decency,” he told The Associated Press.

Which begs the question isn’t Mayor Luigi Bobbio being a plain sexist as much as the young girls are trying to be plain sexy and why should government be allowed to dictate what passes for credible street fair? Isn’t that also a question of common sense and common decency?

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