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‘You’re very dumb’ Should Cory Hunter Georgia teacher be fired?

Cory Hunter
Pictured, Cory Hunter
Cory Hunter
Should one Georgia teacher be forced to resign after a tirade, or was he just having a ‘bad day’? Pictured, victim Shaniaya Hunter.

Should one Georgia school teacher, Cory Hunter be fired after going on a sexist verbal tirade on a junior student, Shaniaya Hunter.

Shaniaya Hunter a 16 year old Georgia high school student has called to have her history teacher, Cory Hunter fired after the man verbally assaulted in her class.

The call comes after the student made a four minute recording in December in which the Green County High School teacher went on a tirade calling the girl the ‘dumbest girl’ he had ever met along with ‘Your purpose gonna be to have se and have children as you ain’t never gonna be smart.’

Update: ‘I’m sorry, I quit’ Cory Hunter Georgia dumb teacher resigns

According to a report via majc, the assault came Shaniaya Hunter asked Cory Hunter (no relation despite sharing the same surname) a question about school material they were covering.

The tirade would end up being recorded as a result of the high school junior using an I-pad after ‘serious vision problems’ sidelined the teen most of last year after struggling to see the blackboard in front of her. 

Cory Hunter
Pictured to the right, Cory Hunter.

On the day of the verbal assault, Hunter was going over slavery in America, and at one point had mentioned Sojourner Truth, the 19th century abolitionist and women’s right activist.

Upon asking the teacher who Truth was, the teacher is alleged to have lost his patience and launched an expletive laden tirade against the teen. A tirade which came to be picked up by the student’s I-pad.

Notes select passages recorded: ‘You know what? You might be the dumbest girl I’ve ever met in my life and I have been around for 37 years and clearly you are the dumbest girl that I have ever met.’

With Shaniaya’s classmates giggling in the background, the teacher continues: ‘You know what your purpose gonna be? To have sex and have children because you ain’t never gonna be smart.’

Inexplicably the educator goes on to make fun of Shaniaya’s vision problems, telling her she should just get married along with changing her last name.

When one of the other students in the classroom asks Hunter if he and Shaniaya are ‘kin,’ the teacher replies, ‘No… s*** no!’

According to Shaniaya and her aunt, the incident was not the first time that Cory Hunter berated a student in class.

Told Christie Lockhart, herself a former Greene County High student via WSB-TV‘He would get up in class the first day and tell the students that if they didn’t want to be talked about, then get out of his class.’

Reiterated Shaniaya: ‘It really hurt me inside,’

‘I don’t think it’s OK. I don’t think he should be here.’

Cory Hunter, a father of two boys, has been with Greene County High School since 2011, serving as a world history teacher and head coach of the boys’ basketball team. In 2013, he was honored as Teacher of the Year.

Cory Hunter
Shaniaya Hunter and her aunt, Christie Lockhart.

In the wake of the verbal damning, Shaniaya Hunter’s family has hired attorney Ben Windham on a pro bono basis, who has since demanded that the teacher be fired.

Windham said if the school district refuses to terminate Hunter, he will file a complaint in Green County Superior Court and a separate civil lawsuit against the teacher.

Told the lawyer:‘This man does not need to be teaching young children. It’s not a gray area. End of story.’

Interim School Superintendent Chris Houston has declined to discuss Hunter’s employment status citing federal and state privacy laws pertaining to personnel issues.

Shaniya and her family say the teen has been subjected to bullying in the aftermath of her public humiliation and has received threats on social media.

Of question is if the teacher ever faced any disciplinary actions after the verbal assault, and what, if any actions the school may choose to take now?

Cory Hunter

Shaniaya Hunter
Shaniaya Hunter
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  • ilovemovies2

    First of all anyone who has been around whites for any length of time, knows they think they everything Blacks like you MR. “BLACK EXPERT”. Now that’s out the way. You do Better when you know Better. Just because it happened in the past does not make it valid today. This so call educator was and is wrong to bully anyone who he is in a position to educate regardless of their race, color, religion etc. He is a horrible example of a “human being” and frightening that anyone would think he is being let off the hook because this is the way “black talk to each other”. Teachers who bully, have sex with student, make sexist remarks, etc should be fired period. I wish her the best. Any student deserved a better education than an “adult” who thinks he can just get a way with this type of behavior because he’s the TEACHER.

  • grey

    So prove him wrong.

  • KSM

    For the most part I agree with your statement except for the absolute generalizations. All African Americans don’t talk/behave in that manner. Just like all (fill in the ethnicity) don’t/aren’t (fill in the action/characteristic).

    IN MY OPINION…the teacher’s actions aren’t a case of racism because I don’t see (in this article) where he mentioned anything about race. He could have said the exact statement to any female…Caucasian, Asian, Latin, or even a frog for that matter.

    The words were an attack against her as a female, student, person with weaker vision, and person with the same last name as his. He didn’t speak about her race (as far as I read). I gues if it has to be any type of “ism” I’d label it sexism but I don’t believe it can be classified as that either. I think it’s in all honesty a case of an adult using his position of authority to be a verbal and emotional bully.

    This is a case of bullying and in my opinion he should have been fired instead of the school letting him resign.

  • Cmj

    Anyone who is around blacks for any length of time, knows that’s how they talk to each other. That’s how the parents talk to the kids, the women talk to the men, and the men talk to the women. They show no self respect and no respect to each other, and then they wonder why so many don’t show them respect. I witnessed it everyday at work with blacks calling each other the N work, MF, bitch and so on right on the floor at work. He probably will keep his job because he’s black. If he was any other race, he’d be gone already for talking that way to a black student. It’s just another example of the problem with the black culture that no one can fix but themselves and until they do, they will remain a class that people look down on because they accept this behavior and are proud of their ghetto culture they think is so cool. The fact he’s still holding on to his job shows the pandering to blacks to avoid bigger problems when accused of racism. It’s a shame that more prominent blacks don’t stand up against this behavior like Cosby did, but then look what happened with that!

  • DisqusID

    This man is a coward and a bully, and any of his supervisors that don’t for him are as well. I don’t care how she was acting, how bad his day was — there is no excuse. None.

    He’s not even a good basketball coach. If the district doesn’t do anything, perhaps someone in the community will.

  • Irish Cornaire

    I hope there will be an update to this story,I feel for this girl because my 3rd grade teacher who was from France had a thick accent and being 100% deaf in my left ear she always singled me out in glass to be her verbal punching bag,she would humiliate me in front of the class by pointing out how dumb I was because I could not comprehend basic english plus she would insult my accent which was irish and thick when I was younger,this teacher better be fired!