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McDonald’s to hold Fast Food Weddings in Hong Kong


In response to ‘public demand’ in Hong Kong, McDonald’s will start serving up fast food weddings, starting this January. The services, including ceremony, reception, wedding cake, and catering, are said to be able to accommodate 100 people for about $400 – the requisite Bic Mac being the main course.

While very many have joked about the cost already, this ‘McWedding’ would still leave a certain price to be paid. Among them, alcohol is banned from the restaurants which are said to be ‘family friendly.’

But that aggravation should be abated with the knowledge you can still get giddy on Mc thick shakes

If that weren’t reason enough for why it would probably never catch on in America (at least we hope not), there’s also the fact that “the bride shouldn’t expect any special treatment, such as walking to the front of the queue to collect her Chicken McNuggets, because she will have to vye for space with normal customers as McDonald’s plans to keep the branch open as usual.” I guess waiting in line for your nuggets has replaced waiting at the altar… still, why would anyone who wasn’t drunk dare to push past a bitter bridezilla, who hasn’t yet had her daily Happy Meal?

Apart from the rush of being at another Mc-D outing, isn’t it telling that your life can now become it’s own informal fast food parable, not withstanding hungry passer bys waiting for their own Mc- D fix.

Could it be but another sign that experiencing any kind of reality has become something of a novelty?

We’ll have a side of french fries with that thank you very much…

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