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Is it a good idea to tow your kids along when you’re a drug dealer?


The existential dilemmas that drug dealers face.

Let’s face it being a drug dealer has to be a very demanding job and with the constant phone calls and bombardment of clients who need to get their hands on the good shit right now sometimes present a problem to a parent who happens to be a drug dealer but has no one to leave their child with. That said let’s all find out how one individual by the name of Chheng Ploysy, of Lansdale, PA has been handling this particular quandary.

Abc15.com: NORRISTOWN, Pa. – Police say a suburban Philadelphia man is facing child endangerment charges for riding his bike to drug deals with his toddler in a tow-trailer.

Police arrested 24-year-old Chheng Ploysy, of Lansdale, on Tuesday after they say he brought his 3-year-old son to a drug transaction. Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman says it was the third time Ploysy had the boy with him when he sold cocaine and marijuana to undercover officers.

Which raises an even bigger question, what about all those parents who get plastered in front of their children or worse bring them along when they are drink driving  and why is a drug dealer being vilified for his actions by the media when it could be argued he did the responsible thing and brought the child along, albeit he brought the child to an unsavory situation?

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