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‘Drug den’ Kimberly Quach San Diego mom sells drugs to student daughter pals

Pictured San Diego mother of two, Kimberly Quach and alleged drug dealer
Kimberly Quach
Pictured San Diego mother of two, Kimberly Quach and alleged drug dealer

Kimberly Quach a San Diego mother is alleged to have sold drugs to her private school student daughter pals and operated a drug den out of her own upscale home.

Kimberly Dawn Quach a 48 year old Carmel ValleySan Diego mother of two has been charged with allegedly selling marijuana and pills to students at her daughter’s private Catholic high school and running a drug den out of her home.

The charges come after Quach was arrested September 28, with the accused drug dealer mom booked on dozens of felony counts, including providing marijuana to a minor over the age of 14; employing a minor to sell or carry marijuana; selling or providing the drug Suboxone to a minor and selling or providing Xanax to a minor.

Suboxone is a controlled substance used to treat opioid addiction, while Xanax is a popular anti-anxiety medication.

Other charges against Quach include five counts of child abuse, theft by false impersonation and operating a drug den.

According to cops, Quach’s arrest comes after allegedly running her ‘drugs operation’ racket from January 1 until her arrest last month.

Responding to the charges against her, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported the woman pleading not guilty. The Public Defender’s office is now representing Quach.

Come Friday, Quach remained jailed at the Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility in Santee on $200,000 bail.

Kimberly Quach
Pictured San Diego mother of two, Kimberly Quach and her daughter’s father. Image via Facebook.

Kimberly Quach drug dealer mom alleged to have a well orchestrated operation:

Pursuant to Quach’s arrest, Cathedral Catholic High School Principal Kevin Calkins, where her daughter is a student, sent an email to parents. 

‘Officers working the case believe there are CCHS students who may be witnesses or who may have information that would assist their investigation,’ the note read in part.

School tuition fees where Quach’s daughter was a senior averaged at $16,500 per year.

Court documents cited by the San Diego Union-Tribune state that Quach’s suspected drug-dealing activities went beyond her daughter’s school and also targeted high school students in La Jolla, California.

Quach is accused of employing a teenager to sell marijuana to her peers. According to a search warrant, Quach taught the girl how to collect money from customer in cash and through online transactions.

Police launched an investigation into Quach after parents found pills in their child’s room and contacted the authorities reported the dailymail.

Kimberly Quach
Kimberly Quach drug den: Pictured the mom’s $1.3million Carmel Valley home.

Kimberly Quach ran a drug den from her luxury home:

Court filings suggest that Quach’s $1.3million home on Aster Meadows Place in San Diego, where she lived with her fiance and two children, was well-known among local teens as a place where they could buy and smoke marijuana, and drink alcohol.

Neighbors told of recalling a raucous party at Quach’s house about a year ago.

Told Clay Whiting via  10News, ‘Kind of late night party with high school kids; running out of the house when police showed up; cars screeching out of the neighborhood; lined up in front of our own home.’

At the time of her arrest, when police searched Quach’s four-bedroom, three-bath property, they reportedly found marijuana plants drying on tables, planters and grow lights.

But it gets better.

According to her LinkedIn page, Quach serves as vice president of a non-profit foundation, the Andy Paul Sanchez Foundation that raises money for at-risk students.

Prior to that, the San Diego State University graduate had worked in property management and real estate.

Quach’s arrest follows a previous run in with the law, with 10News reporting Quach was arrested two years go on charges of theft. She ended up pleading guilty to writing bad checks and stealing more than $950 from an old high school friend. The charges were reduced to misdemeanors.

Quach’s next court appearance is scheduled for November 29. If convicted, the alleged drug dealer mom could face more than 60 years in prison.

Kimberly Quach
Pictured accused San Diego drug dealer and mother of two, Kimberly Quach