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Lady Gaga wants you to understand one day in the distant future she wants to be left alone.


We all know how Lady Gaga is the classiest bitch in the world. But here is a new event that really shows everyone she is for real. A Jezebel correspondent’s father was able to see this game changing performance at today’s Met game.

After arriving fashionably late, wearing the bra she sports in her cancerous “Telephone” video, Gaga immediately stole media attention away from the mediocre professional baseball game going on. Quickly all the photographers shifted their attention to the crackhead like blonde wearing a bra to a rainy baseball game. Gaga and her entourage were obviously upset and abruptly left their luxury suite.

After returning, they noticed the photographers did not forget about them and Gaga decided to do what every other classy celebrity decides to do to the media…Flip them the ol’ Middle Finger.-Which obviously started controversy.

Gaga’s entourage should have realized that they were gonna draw attention when

  1. You are with a top-notch celebrity
  2. That top-notch celebrity is bat shit crazy
  3. That bat shit top-notch celebrity is wearing a fucking BRA.

Next time the Pigeon-Beaked douche to the upper left, the token Asian and the two shmucks to the right decide to travel to a baseball game 4 deep with Ms. Gaga, they should probably advise her to wear some clothes. And if she doesn’t have any our kid sister does will lend her some.

Source: Jezebel

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  • Clarkson

    No Gaga, fuck you. You spend 99% of your time dressing and acting like a freak to draw attention to yourself, then you spass out like a 12 year old when the cameras are trained on you. What a joke.

  • Peter Westwood

    Thats Lady Gaga…Like I said-Classy

  • This is the second photo of her flipping the camera man off…that I’ve seen anyway.