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Miley Cyrus On a Mission to Piss off Disney


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As if the simulation of sex with a backup dancer, the racy half-nude pictures, the dancing on a pole at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, her claim that she is not a pop star –(the list can go on and on)– isn’t enough, she has now gone out and got a tattoo under her left breast that reads, “Just Breathe.”

She was photographed in a skimpy hot pink bikini by the paparazzi in Miami while hanging out with her friends at the hotel’s outdoor pool. It is reported that she was even “seen motioning to the tattoo while being photographed.” Although a tattoo on a celebrity isn’t something to gasp about, since she is still underage at the age of 17, it would mean that she would have to get parental consent in order to get that ink. Which also means, they condoned the tattoo artist to work extensively while having her breast somehow hoisted upwards.

It seems as if she has a mission to shed herself of the squeaky clean image that Disney stars usually have by the age of 18. Although her annoying nature is making us want to pull our hair out, the young impressionable fans still are on her side. According to a “devoted” but delusional fan, she suggested that Cyrus’ tattoo was a tribute to Vanessa, a 9-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis, who tragically lost her life, that that Cyrus bonded with after meeting her a Los Angeles hospital in 2007– (supposedly, “Just Breathe” is the official slogan of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation). According to reports, “Cystic fibrosis is an unpreventable disease that causes thick mucus to build up in lungs, causing infections and making it difficult to breathe.”

Although if true, is a touching sentiment that definitely has brought some attention to the disease, it is a bit laughable that she decided to put it in such a risqué spot (although yes, that is where the lung is located and it makes some sense to put it there, we think…). I, however, call that reasoning to be untrue, because why would she go out and get a tattoo of a foundations’ slogan 2 years after she met the girl with cystic fibrosis? How is putting the tattoo right under her left boob a touching tribute? It’s like offering the homeless in Christmastime with a t-shirt — it’s just useless. And more importantly, what other favorite media whore has that same tattoo but on her wrist? (I’ll give you a hint: her last name rhymes with HO-han). Yes, it seems like Cyrus is going down the path of Lindsay Lohan. Scandalous pictures? Check. Tattoo that says, “Just Breathe?” Check. Husky voice? Check. Both started as Disney chicks? Check. The more the checks are marked off on this comparable list, I see the forthcoming of another media whore in the making. I can’t wait to start reporting on the hilarity that ensues once Cyrus turns 18.





  1. Hey Mike! I don’t question it as much because although it is a bit gross that an older person (man or woman) is taking a picture of her, it’s his or her job as a paparazzi. Miley’s job is to be a Disney star, thus inevitably be a role model for the little kids who look up to her. If she doesn’t want to maintain a level of wholesomeness at the tender age of 17, then why should we try to be maintain a sense of morality for her? Just like Scallywag said, we don’t make up the rumors, we just report it with a sense of humor — or so I try.

  2. Shame on us right Mike? I have a theory- we don’t make rumors up we just report them, and then for fun dissect them and see whether it all plays like a tragic Greek tragedy.

    Anyway- why should Miley get to be the only whore in town?

    Mike- do you by any chance know who took that picture?

  3. I ask why you don’t question the fact that some older person, presumably male, is photographing a seventeen year old girl wearing a bathing suit. How in the world is this overlooked. You criticize her for being provocative, yet you provide conjecture about her parents consenting, “The tattoo artist to work extensively while having her breast somehow hoisted upwards.” How is ethical to stumble through the English language for almost five hundred words writing about some ink that’s near an underage girl’s breast. And you call her the media whore?

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