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Heidi Montag’s new plastic surgery leads to a kidnapping scare.


heidi250Banality and hysteria in California.

California wouldn’t be California unless there were two things going for it- plastic surgery and of course celebrity kidnap scares. That said we decided to follow this nonsense not as a human interest story (celebrities are neither humans but rather concoctions and rarely interesting ) but because we think we can all learn a moral here. Shall we try?

Reports the NY Daily News>

Typically, for cover stories like People’s, the magazine reportedly demands that the star not be photographed by paparazzi until the issue has hit shelves.

So when the reality star arrived home yesterday, Montag rushed inside with a scarf around her face.

However, reports TMZ, a witness who saw the concealed person rushing into the Montag-Pratt home called police and reported an apparent kidnapping, which resulted with LAPD rushing to the scene.

Pathetic? Of course. Banal? Yes. But lets ask a more revealing question. Who was the douche bag sitting there spying on Montag’s house waiting to break a story that would have the tabloid world over panicking and quickly sending their Sherlock Holmes reporters? But more importantly how did this story even make it national?

The moral of the story- the tabloids are running with their heads cut off because one day you will soon cut this out of your life. Then again until then you will continue feasting on fast food garbage…until the day you can’t.