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Dave Eggers can still make hipsters swoon.


dave250Dave Eggers, founding editor of the uber literary McSweeny’s Quarterly and beyond, awed twenty-year olds last week at The New School’s auditorium.  The public, and free, event was set up to promote and discuss McSweeny’s Quarterly #33 release which was printed as a 300-page newspaper entitled “Panorama.”

“We want to show the world what newspapers can still do.” Eggers, the editor in chief, insisted.  The publication was quite impressive, printing in both color and black and white, including long articles in which Eggers let his writers explore and simply “go for it”.  Also included are our favorite funnies section and crossword puzzle, as well as a movie review section allowing children to review their own movies.

With everything becoming electronic these days print lovers like myself and Eggers, fear that people (let alone hipsters who are attached by the nerve bone to their Mac books…yawn) won’t know the joys of reading a physical newspaper. “The New York Times will always exist, we just want to show people something unique”. One drawback of the Panorama is its $16 asking price, basically it being a donation for them to continue on with this venture. The paper released in San Francisco was sold out quickly as employees and volunteers sold $5 copies around the city.

I also hope Dave Eggers will deliver an issue of Panorama weekly to my doorstep. We think hipsters wont mind giving up a few of their $4 lattes…

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