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Grammy nominated Jamaican Reggae Singer gets busted dealing blow.


Buju-BantonWhen nominations dont pan out.

Buju Banton, a Grammy nominated Jamaican reggae singer, was arrested in Miami last Thursday, after being involved in trying to sell cocaine. According to agents of the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Banton was arraigned “with the conspiracy to possess over 11 pounds of cocaine with the intent to deliver.” Some more information about him is: his real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, 36 years old, and if convicted, faces up to 20 years in jail.

Alas, infamy seems to be Banton’s best friend. According to PerezHilton.com, “Banton’s music is known to incite violence by calling for the attack of gays. In fact, in the ’90s, his song Boom Bye Bye encouraged people to shoot homosexuals and burn them alive.”

So much for social harmony. Of course this isn’t Banton’s first visit in front of the drug squad. In 2003, two marijuana plants were found nesting in his music studio. His claim was that that the plants weren’t his and he had just found them after returning from his tour. Perhaps he should the same excuse again?

With jail looking a real possibility, and all those handsome boys waiting to get a ‘signed autograph’ one has to wonder how close Bantom came to living the American dream before throwing it all away.

Grammy-nominated reggae Artist Busted Over 11 Pounds of Cocaine – Perez Hilton

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