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Aussie backpackers are now becoming drug mules.

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For anyone who has been to Australia, scoring drugs is a tricky issue and a rather expensive one (so we have been told…). That said young Aussies putting two and two together have decided that by becoming drug mules they may help local Aussies quench their thirst for drugs and in the process make tidy sums of money for themselves.

Reports news.com.au

However the rising value of the drugs in Australia compared to their cost overseas had led to concerted efforts to import drugs by many “ordinary” backpackers wanting to pay off debts or fund further travel.

Well how expensive are drugs actually in OZ?

The report revealed a kilogram of cocaine in Australia was now worth $190,000, as much as six times the cost in the US, were a similar amount sold for between $30,000 and $35,000.

So in other words if Lindsay Lohan decided to move to Australia she’d go broke after 4 months?

In any event the incidence of young Aussies busted for contraband is relatively small but if we could advise the Aussies- if you want to get a bang for your drug buck – just buy a ticket to Columbia/ Vietnam (or where ever your drug high comes from) where you can get all the juice you need – otherwise don’t do drugs kids- unless you’re willing to suffer any unsavory consequences which you can probably come up with yourself…

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