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Murder on the D train. Bringing senseless mayhem back to New York City.


stabIt’s your worst nightmare, but then again that’s why you always remain alert in the public transport system…

The facts as reported by the NY Post:

They were strangers on a D train when a hulking straphanger, allegedly incensed over a passenger that took a seat he wanted on a near empty subway car, senselessly stabbed another rider to death in front of horrified passengers, police said today.

Does this scare the ‘bejesus’ out of you? Well it might and it should, because somewhere deep in our minds is the  knowledge that there’s always a psycho out there who doesn’t know how to contain themselves.

Continues the NY Post:

The 37-year-old suspect, who was wearing a polo shirt, emblazoned with the word “Terminator” pulled out a knife and viciously stabbed the man in the neck and face, splattering blood everywhere.

It seems like this individual was already wound up and was just looking for an escapade. Unfortunately for the innocent victim, they had created one.

The victim, whose identity has not been released, pending notification of kin, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The perpetrator, as of yet unnamed, was arrested at the scene and it will only be a matter of time before the media begins questioning this mans motives and madness.

Madness isn’t what happens around you, it’s the way you perceive things. But then again, an unprovoked killing does strike us as fairly mad…

NY Post

Fatal knifing over subway seat

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