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Life as a fast food worker. Getting by in America.


fast-food copyWatching the calories and low self esteem mount.

Welcome to the current life of the most dysfunctional 17 year old in your nearest shopping mall. They’re the ones with crappy skin, crappy personalities and the looming waste lines. Why? – because they have now embarked on the meaningful career of a fast food worker. From French fries, sleazy burgers and fat free pizza (an oxymoron ) these pimply kids are well on their way on becoming serial killers and antisocial, perverted individuals that everyone from the age of 9 to 12 avoids ever coming near (or worse becoming). Of course, the sudden realization that one needs money to pay for all the horrible cable shows they are addicted to has led a preponderance of American youth seeking rectitude and the coming of age by becoming their very own low self esteem drudge.

Preferred candidates include fat pimply kids who make for easy bullying tactics and anyone who’s used to being beat up at school- cause as one soon finds out, the molestation and humiliation continues unabated as a smiling Ronald Mcdonald screams orders and aims to get that chicken nugget a perfect golden brown. Would you like any salt with that?

In any event, if the unemployment madness continues the teenagers will soon be getting replaced by the people who for the longest time have been their best customers- their parents. In fact, in some places it has- and there is nothing worse than having an overqualified, midlife train wreck serving you your fat free fries.

America, it’s becoming a great place to be miserable but at least the food still tastes great.

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