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Garlic is the New Gold.


garllIt may make your breath stink and your eyes water, but it would seem that if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme in China this year, garlic wholesaling is the way to go. The Independent reports: “Garlic has been a better investment this year then gold or silver.”

A widely held belief that chewing garlic will keep you safe from swine flu seems to be inflating the price of garlic in the Jingxiang proving beyond all reason, with the average price per kilogram apparently rising from 1.60 yuan (¢23) in March to 6.14 yuan (¢90) now. For the sake of those who don’t care for mental arithmetic, that is a really quite impressive 391% increase. Jerry Lou, a Morgan Stanley analyst, explained how traders are working the system to make a serious profit from the smelly bulb.

“You need a warehouse, a lot of cash and a few trucks,” he told the Washington Post. “Basically, what you do is try to arrest as much supply as possible, then you bid up the price. Moving garlic from one warehouse to the other, you make millions of dollars.” Frankly, it would be worth the bad breath for that sort of a profit. You might even be able to dodge the teenage vampire epidemic in the process.

Forget gold and silver, invest in garlic
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