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Eat Your Heart Out Unemployed.


brahCBS set to broadcast the 2009 Victoria Secret’s fashion show on December 1st.

“Angel Marisa Miller was the highlight of the night as she walked the runway in a $3 million dollar fantasy bra studded with over 150 carats of diamonds.” -Examiner

That’s about the equivalent of 100 annual salaries of students coming out of college.  On second thought, they’re not going to land a job out of college in this dire economy, anyways. Back to Victoria’s Secret.  Isn’t it enough to taunt us with an ensemble of drop dead unattainable knockouts, wearing (or not really wearing) panties and butterfly wings?  Not only will you not be seeing the likes of Marissa Miller in the sack anytime soon, it’s not looking good that you’ll ever be accumulating $3 million in your whole life.

The human soul can only withstand so much.  As if V.S.’s tantalizing commercials aren’t agonizing enough with perfect ten bodies strutting down the runway, isn’t 3 million dollar eye candy a bit redundant?  Here’s a thought.  Use the bra to start a business.  Hire one hundred people to help generate the economy.  Then you’ll have happily employed viewers enjoying Miller’s breasts, without being reminded of how much their life really sucks.  Well, at least it won’t be as apparent anyway.

2009 Victoria Secret’s fashion show
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