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Celebrities in need of nose jobs.


nosejobPlastic surgery is good as long as it can make me rich and photogenic.

Continued adventures in Hollywood. By now it’s public knowledge that if you want to make a splash in America you are ultimately obliged to make an appointment with your local plastic surgeon. That said we threw some darts at the wall and came up with the following ten celebrities in need of plastic surgery.

1/ Jennifer Aniston. We’ve stopped counting how many times she’s treated her honker but one more for the road couldn’t possibly hurt her (us)?

2/ Brad Pitt. If Brad wants to keep up with Jen he knows who he needs to see.

3/ Phil Spector- even if he is in jail- who knows when he just might get a pardon.

4/ Joe Lieberman- because when you are a swing vote and a double crosser you  better hope your looks get you by.

5/ Madonna- Why concentrate on the fore arms only?

6/ Bobby from the Brady Bunch- because he is about due for a comeback.

7/ His and hers going away divorce plastic surgery op- Jon and Kate Gosselin.

8/ Your local crack dealer- cause even he needs to look good before you get high.

9/Greta Van Scatchen- TV can only keep getting scarier for some of us.

10/ Paris Hilton – because she’s been too well behaved lately and we’re all confused what this means for civilization.

Surviving in America is always easier when you’re better looking…