Home Scandal and Gossip Woman dies because paramedic was too terrified to enter the pub.

Woman dies because paramedic was too terrified to enter the pub.


woman-diesWhen a paramedic can’t get over her fears…


Out of Derbyshire, England comes a situation of a woman- Melissa Procter Blain 32 dying of a heart attack and not being able to receive immediate /resuscitation from a paramedic that was first sent out on the scene.

The paramedic was apparently summonsed by horrified onlookers but to no avail. Unwilling to enter the pub until she was guaranteed safe passage she remained parked down the block while Melissa Procter Blain laid on the floor turning grey in the face desperate for medical attention.

True, one can never know if Melissa Procter would have survived had she received immediate care but one thing is for sure she received no care.

There may be more to the story yet to come but for now investigations arte under way.

Mother-of-three died in pub as solo woman paramedic ‘stood outside and refused to help’

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  • Nate

    SCENE SAFETY: The first rule in EMS. This Paramedic didn’t “refuse” to help. She was told to wait until Law Enforcement had secured the scene. If dispatch believes the scene to be even remotely hazardous to responders they will tell rescue crews to standby until Law Enforcement has declared the situation clear of danger.

  • John

    It has nothing to do with the personal fears, that is a worldwide protocol hammered into the brain of every trained emergency responder. Don’t attack the person, complain about the system if you like but try and look deeper into why ems personnel are required to wait for the police to secure certain situations. This rule has saved many, many lives.