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What goes on in the back of the mind of a runway model.


american-modelThe tell tale secrets you only wish you knew…

Yummy, it’s finally fashion week and we all get to talk about fashion, high heels, new diets and models. That said we sat amongst ourselves and wondered aloud what are some of the top ten things a runway model thinks about as she struts her stuff,

10/ ‘Oh God, there’s Paris Hilton again playing with her fucking I-Phone…’

9/ ‘Oh god, not another pervert, just keep your eyes off my nipples freak!’

8/ ‘Now what did my booker say? One foot after the other, but which foot? Oh my god if I trip I’m going to have to move back to Seattle…’

7/ ‘Shit, is that like the right show, because I’m kind of confused, like maybe I should be walking at the show down the road and I came here by accident.

6/ ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening to me. Oh my god I’m so happy I might just pee.’

5/ ‘I can’t stand that bitch! She’s so up herself. That’s right walk pass me one more time.’

4/ ‘Oh my God, this is way better than like having to have a real job.

3/ Bitches, they’re not paying me enough to be here.

2/ “Please don’t tell me they can see my pimple. I will kill myself tonight!

1/ ‘I am Fucking GOD!!’

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