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Violence in America- Stomping on Honor students’ heads.


gangWhen teenagers confuse invincibility for infallibility.



Welcome to the horrid nightmare called violence in America where tonight’s perpetrators include 4 tough lads from the Chicago suburbs who decided that mauling someone to permanent unconsciousness might be one way to alleviate some frustration, disgruntlement and in general a good way to pass a late September afternoon…

The fun began the way most good battles begin- over something useless and meaningless and as a way for two distinct factions of a high school to let the other know who was boss.

By the time the two factions had started staring each other down, just down the road from the Altgeld housing projects and generally behaving the way they observe in every day surroundings an innocent bystander, an Honors student (it’s never the thugs themselves…) Derrion Albert, 16, got caught in the middle of the crossfire and proceeded to have his life used as a spring box for rough and tumble until his head cracked eventually empty and the kids jumping on it and him had their fill…

Spending the rest of their lives in disillusionment and self disgust will be (in no particular order) Silvanus Shannon, 19; Eric Carson, 16; and Eugene Riley, 18.

One can only imagine what’s going through their collective minds now, maybe the thrill, the horror, the vacuousness of it all, or if how just maybe they didn’t attack Derrion, who is way beyond it all now, how much different their lives might be today.

Despite what you hear and see – crime often doesn’t pay. Surprising how the people from the wrong part of town find this out….

Official: Suspect admits role in beating death of Chicago teen

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