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The top ten most likely Fashion Faux Pas we can expect to see this week at Bryant Park.


fashion-faux-pasWith Fashion week here let the faux pas begin…


It’s this time of year when all the real fun begins. When your favorite celebrities come to see and be seen, when your favorite and up and coming designers come to show and it’s also when inevitably somewhere along the way something a bit askew will happen, will be said, worn or even drop out of the closet. That said we decided to wonder amongst ourselves what some of the top ten most likely faux pas we might get to see this upcoming week…

10/ Celebrity du jour confused by security for innocent bystander and made to sit in the second row as opposed to the front row.

9/ Skinny model walking down the runway forgets she’s walking down the runway and clobbers over front row fashionistas.

8/ Sasha Cohen Baron’s Bruno decides to turn up and walk down the runway.

7/ Adrien Field confused for a male runway model and made to walk down the ramp.

6/ Kristian La Liberte also confused for an ex male model and cajoled into thumping down the runway.

5/ Wrong color and wig scheme.

4/ Using this week to publicly announce you hate women, gays and high heels.

3/ Been caught by the paparazzi walking into the bathroom stall with more than 3 persons of the opposite or even same sex.

2/ Been caught by the paparazzi crying violently when your name doesn’t appear on the very special guest list.

1/ Telling off the bodega boy who has the good courtesy to return your Blackberry (I phone) when you accidentally leave it on the front row…

The top ten things we don’t want to see you wear this week at Bryant Park, ever.

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