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KAREN WALKER gives you Bright Bucket Hats and Genius.


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg.

The collection: seaside sexy. The crowd: just sexy. The Karen Walker Spring 2010 show was the perfect antidote to the gloomy afternoon of perpetual drizzle and ruined coifs. The attendees were a mix of uptown and downtown with leather jackets and skyscraper heels still in style. A group of Japanese journalists monopolize the pre-show buzz, snapping Sartorialist shots of the most eclectic attendees. The Front Row is impossibly cool; among the black clad fashionistas is the sporadic pink hair or female Mohawk; everything is hot and everyone is sexy.

Inspired by the cult 1960’s British television show, The Prisoner, Karen Walker’s mixture of nautical blues and psychedelic prints is as invigorating as it is eye catching. In all of her looks is a bit of irreverence, like a striped biker short peeking out from under a preppy pull, or a mannish cravat pair with a frilly dress. The styling, done by Heather Mary Jackson, is impeccable. The 40’s style belts, bright yellow bucket hats, the statement necklaces; all the accoutrements create a cohesive dialogue among the bird prints, the anoraks, and the tuxedo shirts. That with the razor sharp cheek bones and pumping thigh bones will have you looking as sleek and irreverent come rain or shine. Kudos Ms. Walker!

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