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Facebook being temporarily down leads to unexpected surge in national productivity.


facebook_logoThe things we used to do before Facebook existed.

A report that Facebook experienced a glitch that forced a lot of people off the social networking site may actually have a positive effect today- people might actually get some work and go out in the street and feel the sun.

That said – here’s a ten point recap of what life was actually like before Facebook ruined it for you-

1/ You actually made dinner dates and social dates with friends as opposed to spending days in a virtual vortex.

2/ You looked at other human beings and actually bid them good morning from time to time.

3/ You were polite and in a good mood before people started spreading nasty crap about you on facebook.

4/ You only spend days indoors on rainy days, now it doesn’t matter whether rain or shines.

5/ You actually used the telephone to talk to other people.

6/ Once in a while you used to get work done- these days- nada.

7/ You used to guess whether so and so was what, now you already know who they have been sleeping with and where they last threw up before you physically even meet them.

8/ You used to wake up and get a coffee down the road and speak to the guy sitting next to you, now you only speak to the anonymous guy sitting on the other side of some computer.

9/ You used to actually like life and held out hope. Now you can’t stand anyone and if you get one more invitation to some nightclub opening you’re going to have a fit.

10/ You never used to pose for the cameras, because back then you had no idea that some picture you would be taking would be shared with 2 billion people. Yummy.

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