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Cover girl Victoria Beckham wants us to believe she is insecure.


cover-girl-victoria-beckhamWhen bimbos lie through their teeth or so it seems…


Posh Spice who has spent a decade in front of the public light and profited from it in majestic terms wants you to believe the myth that underneath the anorexia, the globe trotting, the pouts and fashion cover shoots she is really insecure. Very insecure.

Says Posh-

‘The kind of person who’s going to stand on the red carpet and love the attention and have the big grin – I’m just not like that.’

Really we could have sworn you were just like that, or is only a big pout you want to give? Of course it’s hysterical to have Posh claim she hates the stage lights when in fact all she ever does from the moment she wakes up and takes her designer workout in front of the cameras is perform for the cameras. Whether the cameras come to her or she finds the cameras (try the latter kids…) we think it’s laughable that a B grade singer is complaining about her token lifestyle that so many women the world over clamber to emulate.

Posh- we have some advice- ‘it’s okay to be neurotic, disillusioned and fed up, it happens from time to time but please don’t pretend you can’t stand it all when all you ever do is appear from one fashion cover to the other.’

When a girl complains she can’t stand the limelight while on the cover stand you learn not to pay attention….

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