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The joie de vivre of Lou Doillon.


In today’s ‘models’ section of the Huffington Post, the journal decided to pay a photo retrospective of Lou Doilon who it calls the French model-slash-actress. In its evocation of the young starlet’s ascent to the gravy streets of uber cool, laconic sexuality and joie de vivre it also notes that she is the daughter of screen/singer legend Jane Birkin. A trump card one assumes a direct relative can pull out at any velvet rope barricade.

From there it then goes on to offer a photo show of Ms Doillon, in which we get to savor her effortless elan and photogenic zeal. Blessed and slightly mortified for not being so brilliant oneself (unless of course you are) one is then relegated to reading the comments that the Huffpo so often does a good job of gathering.

And that’s when the vitriol came out spilling onto the streets:

Right. Another rich kid we are supposed to venerate.

Which illicits the following response:

You are not supposed to venerate her. If she is rich, it’s by herself: model, movies and theater. Of course as an American you know only the american stuff, but she is famous in France, where she made a lot of movies and she is pretty good. The world doesn’t stop at the West and East Coast!

She is not Rumer Willis.

Which then goes on to have another commentator suggest:

Rumer Willis is a model/actress, too! How many 19 years old that you know are rich on their own?

I’m not a particular fan of either, but nepotism exists in France just as it does in the US. I was reading about Lou Doillon at least 5 years ago…what were her accomplishments then??


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