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Caroline Hererra- Always a Million Bucks.


Photography by Keith Lew.

To truly appreciate Caroline Hererra one must always keep in mind the general idea behind her line is one’s desire for proximity to luxury and a million bucks. That said when Caroline Hererra sent her girls out under red stage lighted hues what one got wasn’t just veneer of luxury, sensuality and exclusivity that one has come to expect of Hererra but also the notion that contemporary chic viz a viz her introduction of shorts and mosaic pieces (once unimaginable in Caroline Hererra’s courtyard) were finally up for grabs albeit with an air of deference that one would expect of this dame…

With a nod to the girls (dames) that patron her, Caroline Hererra had her models sashay in classic ball gowns, with flowing chiffon, ropes for belts and stern stares. What of course really caught our attention was the sports pieces that saw models wearing elegant shorts and trim jackets with two toned mosaic frayed wool accentuations. It was a lively acknowledgement from the great dame that spring was indeed in the air and as much as she is accustomed to giving you high couture and classic panache there will be times where she will join you for a high minded stroll in the park. Indeed…

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