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Lindsay Lohan decides to turn her life into a ‘Reality Show.’


lindsay-lohan-212When reality stops meaning anything anymore…


Define reality? Define surreal and define wishful thinking. These might be some of the things you might be asking yourself this morning as the disgraced starlet ‘Lilo’ begins according to the UK’s Mirror to shop the idea of her own reality show.

In theory it all sounds wonderful and even amusing but what ‘Lilo’ is neglecting is that her life is already a made for TV, tabloid reality show. There 24 x 7 around the clock. Really how many 23 year old kids do you know who have the camera perennially tied to what her scrawny ass comes up with, what cars, people she bangs and what she keeps putting up her nose?

So seriously is she taking her new brain scheme ‘Lilo’ has even retained the services of Britney Spear’s manager – Larry Rudolph.

Call us naïve but what would be the point of shopping a reality show when your life has already become a meticulously packaged reality show?

Anyway Lindsay, we wish you every success in getting your life and career back on the road but if you want to make some real money stop hawking your life as a reality show just try to land some roles once in a while.

When 23 year old gals start speaking out of their asses…

Lindsay seeking reality TV role

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