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Florida or Bust?


florida-or-bustBust is making a strong comeback…


Seems like things in Florida are really taking a shape for the worse. According to the NYT”s Florida unlike any point of its history is now facing an exodus. ‘Choked by disillusionment (welcome to the club) and record unemployment people are now heading the other way. Census reports show that from April 2008-2009 the states population fell by 58 000.

For a state that has been a leader in population growth, and in 2000 the 4th most populous state with a population of up to 16 million people authorities are alarmed.

Life has suddenly become encumbered be less noise, parties, work, spontaneity and been replaced by more fear, dread, pessimism and a life lived under capacity. Not to mention less money in state coffers…

With a state whose fortunes are tied to property taxes and sales taxes the exodus has proven bad news for the state. Libraries are closing earlier, essential services are being compromised and life has increasingly become dismal.

For the land of magic and sunshine it seems the magic was just an illusion, as for the sunshine, well it appears the rain has appeared and it isn’t going away any time soon.

When you suddenly realize nirvana is nowhere near home.

After Century of Big Growth, Tide Turns in Florida

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