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Critical liver patient ends up at the pub.


gareth-andersonWhen letting go is just too hard to do.


Welcome to the county of Dundonald where one Gareth Anderson currently resides in a critical condition due to a failed liver courtesy of too many trips to the pub at only the tender age of 19.

That said, Gareth decided beyond his better judgment to slip out of bed at the Ulster Hospital where he is staying in Northern Island waiting for a liver transplant (he only has two weeks to live) and go looking for a drink.

Turning up at the Old Moat Inn across the road, in slippers and a drip Gareth set about trying to get himself first a beer but after he was refused a vodka and then finally to his chagrin settling for a coke.

Eventually he was escorted back to the hospital where his father was waiting for him. Asked why he had gone Gareth shrugged his head and said there was nothing better to do.

Of course this all reminds us of another young man- Gary Reinback, who ended up drinking himself to death as his liver literally gave out. This does make us wonder why do young men do this to themselves?

In any event Gareth has been sent to a psychologist, let’s hope that the psych doesn’t break down and offers Gareth a drink.